Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tim's Tag Jan 2013

Tim's tags Jan 2013
 Didn't think I would be able to do one before going away but as you can see I did. Thank goodness there will be one a month again. Loved this one.


  1. Great tag - fun design & I like to colour scheme too ! Ali #121

  2. Great work Sandy glad you managed to fit this into your busy schedule x

  3. I love your version of his tag.

  4. Wow, you arrive next Tuesday! How much time do you have? I could meet you and take you shopping or we could do that when you get back to CT in March on the Monday 11th...Nothing is open here on a Sunday. I have a small store, then there is a nice big store in Salt River called the Scrapbook factory shop and two other medium size stores we could go to. You can email me off my blog.

    1. Lovely! Dont think I,ll have time coming out as pick up car on Wed morn and then of to Majesfontein and got to be in Plett by Thurs. Will e-mail details about return journey and would love to meet up then Sandy

  5. Great tag, will have to check out the blog and maybe participate this year.